Philip E. Morris is a 1983 graduate of Birmingham Southern College with a B.S. in chemistry and a 1988 graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry. He has spent his professional career working in the pharmaceutical industry developing novel therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and viral diseases. He has over forty publications and patents related to these studies.

In 1980, Philip began collecting early American clocks with a particular interest in those made with wooden movements. In late 2003, he began a systematic study of wooden tall clocks and their makers. The results of his research culminated with this publication. He continues to study New England wooden clockmakers and their clocks. 

Philip is a leading authority on wooden tall clocks and has lectured widely on this subject. He is a member of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, the American Clock & Watch Museum and the Cog Counters, a group of collectors dedicated to the study and preservation of wooden clocks.  

Philip is married to Dr. Michele L. Morris and they have two daughters, Laura Lee and Melissa.  They are residents of Bessemer, AL.


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Authored by Philip E. Morris Jr., a widely recognized authority on wooden tall clocks, American Wooden Movement Tall Clocks: 1712-1835 is an essential reference book for collectors, dealers or students of early American clocks, furniture, antiques or decorative arts. Lavishly illustrated and meticulously researched, this volume is the most comprehensive, accurate and up to date compilation of early 18th and 19th century wooden clockmakers and their clocks available. New information obtained from the study of hundreds of wooden clocks, account books, diaries, genealogical records, family histories, town histories, probate records and period newspapers is included.

  • 512 Pages with over 600 detailed photographic illustrations of clocks, movements, dials and cases. More than 500 in full color.

  • Detailed biographies of over 625 clockmakers, factory employees, cabinetmakers, dial painters, suppliers and peddlers.

  • Guide to identifying and dating early American wooden tall clocks.

  • Guide to identifying regional differences between clocks.

  • Illustrated clock and case terminology.

  • Completely referenced and indexed.


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